Gauntlet Game

A recreation of the arcade game Gauntlet.

This could be a version of the 🧝Roguelike in Rust.

A real time roguelike could be interesting, but games like Gauntlet are typically pretty shallow, and I’d like to make this one a bit deeper. Diablo had some good lore though, so action RPGs and lore aren’t mutually exclusive. Just it’s harder to focus on the lore rather than the action.

Examples of games I would like to emulate:


Gauntlet: Legacy



Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance


I anticipate a 2D overhead view since that would likely be the simplest to implement and find/create art for. I’d love to do an isometric view like the original Diablo, but that kind of art is much harder to source.

Snipes is an interesting game. It’s terminal based, but a lot of fun. It shows what the genre could be stripped down to its essence.

I’d like the game to be available on mobile too, so control scheme would need to be very simple and touch compatible.

  • Bard’s Tale IV - virtual controller with button for swinging a sword, but also buttons that pause the game to play tunes and otherwise. Hints at summoning AI allies to help, but didn’t get that far in the game.
  • Heroes of Loot - control scheme is virtual controllers, with very liberal auto aiming and rapid fire projectiles. If using a controller, the game adapts to a twin stick shooter (one stick for movement, the other for aiming)