Write Your Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day

This “project” is a simple article reviewing a book I had read and seemed like a good inaugural article for this blog.

After graduating, whether or not continuing on to a PhD is apparently a common question according to the counselors at my school.

An ideal would be a PhD that was as inexpensive as the OMSCS program. However, such a program is not likely to exist in the near future. OMSCS was created because there was demand on both student and industry sides. There is no such demand for PhDs.

By their nature, PhD programs almost require on campus participation. Not strictly necessary, but the close collaboration is better served by proximity.

However, the University of North Dakota offers an online Computer Science PhD. And it is not as expensive as it could be. It’s about $50k over 59 credit hours. Neither price nor time is really convenient for me at the moment.

Instead, I find that the OMSCS program is enough for me now, and will likely be enough for me in the future.