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I don't know what I did, but I sure screwed everything up.


The series of projects I’m working on, listed loosely by priority.


Working title for a TaskPaper compatible app for mobile devices. First for iOS, then Android and Windows. Subject to series of blog posts for this site.


Having tired of fighting my WordPress installation for the hobbit-hole.org, I decided to move it to a static site. As I was struggling with the design for the new site, cause, you know, I couldn’t just port the site design as is, I finally decided to make the break and place technical items on another (this) blog and gaming items on another blog, expertisedice.com.

It seems like I tinker with this site often enough to have it listed here as an ongoing project.

Baldur’s Gate

While others toil away on brand new RPGs, I’m working through a series of classics. Now I’m working on Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. After the BG series, I intend to work on Eschalon.


A new, dynamic, programming language with an emphasis on developing new dynamic programming languages. See artiface-lang.org.

(Action) RPG

The eternal project on this list. Also the (grand)father of most of them, since most of the projects on this list were started to help support the game in one manner or another.

While I have professionally published perhaps close to 20 games, I’ve never worked on the one that I truly wanted to make. I know, it’s a common malady among game developers. So, when I quit the videogame business, I immediately started on the game that I wanted to make.

Right now it’s in limbo as I work on other projects. Still, I’ve not given up on it yet. Some day I shall return and finish this game.


A Nintendo DS Tetris clone. Used to program the DS and get to know it so I could write other games. Finished the Tetris clone, but the smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7) and iPad have displaced the DS as the portable gaming platform of choice, so any future games will target those platforms.


This is an old project that served its purpose when I was coding in Python primarily. It would translate ReST documents to WordML/MSWord documents. The source is available for those who wish to continue to use it.