Flagrant System Error

I don't know what I did, but I sure screwed everything up.

My C++ Coding Guidelines

I’ve written a personal C++ coding standard. It is cultivated from the following sources:

  • Boost Coding Guidelines published in 2001 by Dave Abrams and Nathan Myers
    • I love the Boost libraries and use them when I can. These are older coding guidelines for the libraries. I thought them sensible and well thought out. I’ve changed a few minor points and added a few of my own.
  • C++ Coding Standards book by Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu
    • I integrated advice from the error and exception sections, but overall the book is excellent.
  • High Integrity C++ Coding Standard
    • This standard has C++11 advice that will be included in subsequent revisions of this coding guideline.
  • Google C++ coding standard

This coding standard needs to be updated to include advice on some of the newer features in C++11. I’ll get to that with my next C++ project.

I use this standard only for personal projects and update it from time to time. Some justifications have been given, but admittedly it’s is mostly my opinion.

Flagrant System Error C++ Coding Guidelines